Sheffield Hallam University

The Company

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is a public university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It is based on two sites; City Campus and Collegiate Crescent Campus. The university is the eighth largest university in the UK (out of 166) with 31,485 students (of whom 4,400 are international student), 4,494 staff and 708 courses. SHU received a First Class award and was ranked 15th out of 151 universities in the People & Planet University League 2015 which assesses universities on their environmental credentials.

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The Problem

The continuous refresh and upgrade of their large fleet of personal computers and laptops is a major project that requires comprehensive planning, technical skills and efficient execution. Planning for a PC or a laptop refresh requires a staffing requirement review, procurement selection and negotiation, scheduling, staging and a concentrated time commitment for the implementation. Based on the effort required, it became extremely challenging for the University’s IT staff to complete installation and cascade projects without impacting on their other duties and responsibilities, supporting student and staff needs.

The service response is excellent as Apogee has the ability to respond quickly to situations, and attend to all our queries and issues.

The Solution

Following a rigorous tendering exercise Sheffield Hallam University awarded Apogee a supply and staging contract based on best value and the significant benefits of over 25 years’ experience of successfully delivering similar supply agreements in the higher education sector. Apogee has the experienced staff and proven methodologies to ensure a successful PC and laptop refresh in conjunction with an organisation’s PC lifecycle strategy. Our talented team of project managers and technical professionals handled the entire project in conjunction with the IT staff to share project responsibilities.