The Company

Sedulo are financial consultants to entrepreneurs with offices based in Manchester and Leeds city centre, providing expertise in accountancy solutions and commercial business advisory services.

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The Problem

High on Sedulo's agenda was to reduce their printing levels which had reached 800,000 documents per year across both sites. Over-time the company had acquired a mixed fleet of print devices from various suppliers, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary print wastage. Apogee’s dedicated Account Manager constructed a tailored solution to tackle Sedulo’s primary objective of reducing their printing levels which had reached 800,000 documents per year across their Manchester and Leeds sites.

Apogee has helped us develop a clearer picture of what and who is printing, allowing us to adjust processes and plan future costings. This has already dramatically reduced the amount of printing and aided identifying areas that need revamping.

The Solution

Significantly, after just one month, Sedulo’s printing has been reduced by almost 20,000 prints. This has been achieved by implementing software which requires Sedulo’s staff to log-in to their printers by tapping their ID card in order to release print jobs. Whereas before print jobs were automatically printed, they are now held in the device and either printed after user-authentication or deleted after a certain period of time. Consequently, this has enabled Sedulo to cut print wastage as print jobs which are not essential arn’t printed and left by the printer to eventually be thrown away. What’s more, there are clear security improvements which come with the software as prints are no longer left around in the tray, eliminating the chance of them ending up in the wrong hands.