Kall Kwik, Tunbridge Wells

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

The Company

First impressions mean a lot in the services industries and from the moment you set foot in John Marchant’s KallKwik Tunbridge Wells, you know you’re in an operation that takes quality and service seriously. From in-house illustrations and orders of service to high end artwork from top agencies and household names, the variety and quality of finished products the team produces is incredible.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

The Problem

The KallKwik team are experts in every aspect of print, from single and 2 colour litho to digital and large format, and for most customers colour management is key. Despite regular calibration the previous Xerox digital press struggled to deliver the necessary consistency customers expected, banding was a problem and the overseas call centre compounded this so John spent time assessing the alternatives.

I was impressed with the training and advice provided to our operators by the Apogee specialists. This helped the team here to take greater control of graphics and colour management through their new system, with higher quality and more consistency than we got before, and as new staff join I will get them trained too.

The Solution

A 60ppm Konica Minolta Bizhub digital press was John’s first purchase from Apogee who installed and support the system.

“We can now produce long paper, 6 A4 landscape brochures on the new colour press which has helped us retain work in-house rather than having to outsource it which is good for the business.”

A second 95ppm Konica Minolta Mono digital press was installed a few months later.