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As an independent provider of Managed Service solutions Apogee offer a combination of the only the best software and hardware available in the marketplace. Whilst we may not be a manufacturer we do invest in developing unique and innovative products and services for our clients based on our extensive experience in the Managed Print industry. We are continuously developing new technologies to integrate into our Managed Service solutions that will deliver many benefits to our clients. Below are some examples of recent innovations that give an indication of the type of creative approach we can initiate.

Apogee is Europe’s largest independent provider of print, document and process technology and outsource services.

Our reputation as the first choice provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on the unique approach we have taken to Managed Services, pro-actively monitoring our clients and conducting preventative maintenance to maximise technology up-time.

Remote Managed Services – An industry leading innovation, established nearly 7 years ago, dedicated specialists monitor client devices on a real time basis, tracking live status information not just distress alerts, pro-actively managing consumables supply and pre-empting potential faults.

1-Touch™ – A unique technology that can be tailored to your workflows to automate common document processes at the touch of a button, eg. documents can be scanned, processed, distributed and archived automatically and simultaneously. By automating processes staff perform frequently, 1-Touch™ can deliver cost and staff time savings, reduced paper, toner and power consumption, and duplicated activities and documents are removed.

Zapp™ – The simple solution for mobile printing; with Zapp™ your staff and visitors who use Apple iPADs, iPhones or Android smart phones can print directly to any of your printers or MFDs without the need to load any Apps. Zapp™ provides mobile printing, with zero Apps!

CloudFAX – A new development in the fax environment, our latest CloudFAX solution allows you to digitise your fax processes. With CloudFAX you can send and receive fax documents digitally anywhere you need, using your existing network and internet connections.

ImageFLEX™ – A unique MPS agreement exclusive to us. We developed ImageFLEX™ so clients would benefit from the UK’s most pro-active Managed Print Service support combined with a uniquely flexible agreement that allows you to produce the images you need, on the devices you choose. ImageFLEX™ doesn’t commit you to a fixed ratio of colour and mono images, or limit the volume you produce on each device, giving you freedom and controlling your costs.

“The latest project has brought us right up to date in terms of technology and capability, through the development of an integrated print and copy strategy. Our offices now support BYOD and our print fleet has been streamlined.”

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