Since our establishment over twenty years ago, Apogee has always been an independent supplier.  This means that, unlike some of our competitors who are beholden to specific brands and manufacturers, we are free to choose precisely the right combination of hardware and software for each client based only upon their company’s requirements.

The benefits of being an independent Managed Services provider include:

  • Pricing: vendor-neutral providers can negotiate the best prices on equipment and supplies, aiming at delivering the highest quality at the lowest costs. Ultimately it is in the interest of an independent Managed Service provider to support the right device for the right use, regardless of brand.
  • Multivendor: while a single-vendor strategy forces an organisation to settle for what one vendor has to offer for each area of the business – whether it’s the office or print room – a multivendor strategy from Apogee enables a true best-of-breed solution that is optimised to perform across the organisation.

Having the ability to choose from the very best brands in the print, copy and scan industry makes a huge difference.  It ensures we are perfectly placed to provide you with the best product for every requirement.  When we make our recommendations, we carefully choose the ideal technology packages from our huge range of equipment, matched with the perfect software.

This way, rather than handing over the same off-the-peg package for every client, we ensure that every office gets the technology that will tackle the workload most effectively.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

We are confident that Apogee has the support infrastructure in place to deal with our requirements, and Apogee’s independence allows them to move quickly in line with our needs.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe
Strategic Accounts

At Apogee we have taken an entirely different approach to supporting Strategic Accounts.  At the first meeting with your Strategic Account Manager you will notice we take time to understand your organisation and the way you produce and manage your key business processes, not just the number of devices and volume of pages.  Our assessments… Read More