Green Printing

A new Managed Service will reduce your waste significantly, cutting costs and improving security. Go green with Apogee! Few organisations are aware that as much as 20% of all printed and copied material is wasted. But before defining the best approach to green printing, it’s important to understand why this objective should even be on your organisation’s agenda.

Apogee is Europe’s largest independent provider of print, document and process technology and outsource services.

Our reputation as the first choice provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on the unique approach we have taken to Managed Services, pro-actively monitoring our clients and conducting preventative maintenance to maximise technology up-time.

Reducing the environmental impact of your print function will not only help the environment, but can also reduce excessive costs, improve efficiency and increase data security. Research shows users often send print jobs by mistake or print too many copies. Jobs are abandoned if printers are out of paper and users print them somewhere else. When the paper tray is refilled, the now unwanted job starts printing out producing more waste. Without restrictions large print jobs are also sent to small, expensive printers, resulting in a high cost per page. Our Secure Release solution will immediately improve document security and assist your green printing.

Apogee can help you find the right software to help green printing and cut waste and misuse, identify areas to rationalise printing and copying resources and enforce best practice printing rules and restrictions. Waste will be all but eliminated and you’ll reduce your costs at the same time. We will focus on being less reliant on paper processes and move toward electronic documents that combined with more environmentally efficient equipment will bring your organisation to a new level of green printing. Start your journey to a green printing world and speak to us today.

“We needed to find a way to stop wasteful print processes, as we knew we were printing documents unnecessarily. In our first 12 months of using the Apogee system, we have saved over 2 million pages from being printed.”

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