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Apogee Corporation Support and Statement for Coronavirus, Covid-19

Apogee's Official Statement: 23rd March 2020

Apogee’s primary focus is the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, their families and communities and we have already taken and will continue to take proactive steps and measures to minimise impact and risk in relation to Coronavirus, Covid-19 and our employees and clients wherever possible.

We’re part of the HP group of companies, and combined have extensive global resources and capabilities that we firmly believe will assist in effectively managing and mitigating the current potential business impact of the Coronavirus.

We are continually updating our Coronavirus, Covid-19 statement and plans as the situation changes including our processes within our business continuity plans to minimise impact on services to clients and our business, adding additional contingency wherever possible. We continue to work with our Supply Chain Partners on plans and preparation for any impact on manufacturing in impacted regions, specifically China and South Korea. We are continually monitoring and evaluating Coronavirus developments and believe the current likelihood of any immediate impact on our services to existing clients is moderate.

Apogee supports significant parts of the NHS, health care and blue light services across the UK and Ireland and we are specifically giving them priority support to help with increased demand at this difficult time in response to Coronavirus Covid-19. This includes priority on-site support, extended service and support hours, priority supplies, moves, and changes.

On Site Support

Should you require support, in the first instance please use our client portal that can be found at: On receipt of your support request, we will do everything we can to remedy failures as quickly as possible and if there’s the requirement for an Engineer to visit, we will ask you some questions that will help us reduce and minimise risk to our employees and clients.

Remote and Off Site Support

Is available and we are often able to remedy failures remotely so please do give us the opportunity to resolve your issue with a simple call or remote, on-line session. Our Digital Document Services Centers remain operational and we are available to provide clients with support for digital printing small and large format, scanning, imaging and e discovery.
For further information, please contact:
t: 0207 614 0030

Here’s some of the actions we’ve taken so far

Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Business Continuity
  • Our board of Directors and senior management teams communicate daily on all Covid-19 developments and we’re continuously making decisions in line with government directives to reduce and minimise risk to our employees and clients
  • We’ve issued health, safety, wellbeing and hygiene guidelines and best practices to all employees
  • We’re also issuing frequent communications and updates to all employees on the current Coronavirus status
  • Where possible and appropriate mandated Employees working from home and provided top tips for working from home, hosting virtual meetings and agile collaboration
  • We have identified all our clients within the health care sector in order to provide priority support
  • We’ve restricted all travel, limiting our essential office based employees to their allocated office locations only
  • Continually capturing key information regarding our field and client site based employees
  • We’ve also updated our lone worker policy, as remote working levels increase
  • There’s increased hygiene facilities and cleaning across Apogee locations
  • We’re performing regular reviews with updates and additions to business continuity plans, adding contingency of critical services to clients and business critical areas
  • We have and will continue to complete contingency testing as part of our business continuity plans for support services and our employees
  • Apogee’s Digital Document Services centers remain operation for client support and business continuity
  • Supply Chain
  • We continue to conduct specific supply chain questionnaires in relation to their business continuity plans
  • Apogee supply chain holds 6-8 weeks inventory of key Consumable and Spare parts stock in the UK
  • We have identified 8-16 weeks inventory of key Consumable and Spares parts in transit to the UK
  • Apogee’s supply chain partners have ring-fenced stock dedicated for our use to mitigate impact and risk of potential extended restrictions
  • We’re monitoring delays in order inventory receipt and distribution flow including border controls
  • Investigation, recording and escalation in inventory delays specifically identified as Coronavirus delays
  • We’re also reviewing alternative supply chain inventory among our preferred suppliers
  • We’re continuously establishing and reviewing our suppliers continuity plans and contingencies with questionnaire’s and collaboration
  • As Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed print and outsourced services, Apogee has operations across the UK and Europe. We procure products and provide services from different regions, and have warehousing, logistics and finance operations in the UK and mainland Europe. .
    The infrastructure and Pan-European operations we have in place put us in a strong position to minimise our exposure to the potential impacts of the Coronavirus, however we are continuing to closely monitor developments and the possibilities of the virus becoming pandemic.
    As a reseller of finished products, we do not rely on the supply of component materials from locations within or outside the EU. Apogee’s supply chain for hardware and software comprises of the UK operating companies of global Original Equipment Manufacturers and we have sought assurance from our core partners that any impact resulting from Coronavirus, and affecting client procedures, will not impact our services to clients irrespective of potential extended restrictions. These core partners are also closely monitoring events and are taking all possible steps to minimise any adverse effects. In line with our supplier strategies, we will build additional stock holdings at our core logistics sites to smooth and supplement any short-term restrictions on our supply chain. Apogee do have European operations based in Germany and Ireland and we have the ability to source and manage distribution through these locations. We also have a network of suppliers based outside the EU and have the ability to purchase from these partners as a further contingency.
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