Affinity Partner Programme

The Affinity Partnership Programme combines the expertise of multiple specialist providers, each with unique skills and services to deliver a fully managed service experience. As businesses are becoming ever more cost-conscious, the opportunity to reduce their Print and Document costs by up to one third is increasingly attractive. The threat for suppliers without a Managed Service offering is increasing as clients seek a single provider who can cover all their needs across the IT, Print, Document and Process spectrum.

Affinity Partnership Web Image
The Benefits

  • Secure existing clients and capture new business with added value of our Managed Services offering
  • Open-book policy on pricing opportunity
  • Will open doors to future business/projects
  • Incremental income from growing MPS market
  • Marketing literature, lead generation assistance
  • Regional and national service support
  • Own/company/brand identity, flexibility

Extend and enhance your product portfolio

  • Unlimited range of document processes and workflows
  • Best of breed hardware in the marketplace
  • Innovative software solutions; 1-Touch, Mobile Print and Cloud
  • Unique financial agreements; ImageFLEX, ImagePLAN, MSA
  • 3D printing


By joining the Apogee Affinity Partnership Programme you will gain instant access to the skills and resources you need to protect your existing business whilst growing your share of client spend with a new, market-leading Managed Service offering that goes far beyond print.

With Apogee as your specialist provider, you can immediately go to market and fulfill your client’s additional needs without the necessity of training your staff in this area.

To become an introducer or to find out more information, please complete the form below:

The support through the entire process has been fantastic, and we look forward to a long term relationship with a partner that genuinely listens and understands.