Document Management

Managing your documents electronically delivers a range of benefits to your organisation, including efficient processes, reduced paper waste and enhanced document security. An Apogee Document Management system can track, manage and store documents helping to eliminate resource-intensive paper filing systems that can take over an office.

The main challenge businesses have with document management is the controlled access to, storage and retrieval from Cloud based document platforms. However, the developments in Cloud document management offerings over recent years has excelled significantly with businesses investing more and more in ‘online storage’ so staff can access documents wherever they are, whenever they need to.

The convenience of accessibility was originally one of the major benefits for businesses but combined with improvements in security it has removed the necessity for businesses to keep physical records of all their documents.

An online Cloud storage concept can save a business valuable office space and significant time and costs in document handling by users. Apogee’s easily accessible Cloud based document management systems can also provide the following benefits:

  • Instant access to scan documents into a Cloud account
  • Retrieve and print documents from a personal/business Cloud whilst in the office
  • Login to your Cloud account and print directly from any MFD
  • Combine your document management with Mobile Print capabilities

We needed to find a way to stop wasteful print processes, as we knew we were printing documents unnecessarily.  Apogee came in and solved the problem, at the same time helping us to cut our costs significantly.