Mail & Print Room

The solutions we provide are not restricted to just the office, we manage Print Rooms and Mail Rooms for major clients, providing not just the equipment but also the staff they need to run these centralised facilities. Included in Apogee’s portfolio is an impressive range of Mail Room solutions and equipment, capable of strengthening your communication and data movement. As we are not held to any single brand, we are free to select best-of-breed hardware and design bespoke solutions to integrate seamlessly into your work environment, whether your mailing focus is on incoming, outgoing or a combination of the two.

Mailroom Security: X-Ray scanners can see inside your mail and provide instant confirmation of unusual or unexpected letters, parcels and packages, all at the touch of a button. Metal objects, circuits, powders and suspect contents can easily be identified on a colour monitor. A large screening chamber and compact size allows these devices to also scan parcels and handbags.

Letter Openers: Securely open all post coming into the building. These devices can process incoming mail up to four times faster than manual opening.

Franking Machines and Envelope Printers: When deployed together, there are a number of key benefits which include: Royal Mail discounts of 40% on franked mail, mail-processing times reduced by 50%, allows greater control of postage costs and mail accounting, and automatically marks mail with return address so important documents are never destroyed.

Folder Inserters: A folder inserter can envelope up to 3,000 documents per hour. Folder inserters can handle multiple page statements at far greater speeds than manual folding.

Mail Software: Reduce undeliverable mail with certified address management software, and eliminate the cost of printing and storing pre-printed forms by personalising communications. Mail Software can group independent documents destined for the same address into the same envelope, saving on postage and material costs.

Gaining visibility and control over our print costs has been invaluable, as we now have the ability to predict and analyse our spend in this area of this business.