Retail & Distribution

If you work in retail or distribution, document handling is likely to be a huge part of your operation. From delivery and collection notes and invoices to the memos, contracts and other essential documentation that run through your office, and the posters, flyers and pre-printed stationery that you might outsource to a third party, there is an endless stream of printed and copied material that is crucial to how your business works.

In such busy environments as retail and distribution, trying to keep track of how much all of this printing and copying, both in-house and out-sourced, is costing your business can be tricky. While no company can afford to overspend on any element of its processes, you also don’t want to get distracted by issues that are secondary to your core business activity. When you consider the fact that brands in the retail or distribution sectors will often have more than one location to manage, this issue becomes more taxing.

This situation can quickly lead to inefficient document handling right across your organisation. This, in turn, results in unnecessarily high costs, wasteful use of consumables, an out-of-control data stream and no flexibility to adapt when the technology you use updates.

The Apogee Difference
Here at Apogee, we have been working hand-in-hand with retail and distribution companies for over 20 years. In this time we have amassed unmatched experience designing bespoke Managed Services tailor-made to retail and distribution businesses. From large multinational franchises to local corner shops and small distributors to international logistics organisations, we know what makes for efficient document handling in these environments.

An Apogee Managed Service will centralise all your document creation and distribution into a single, easy to use service. This makes monitoring and tracking costs, reducing consumable usage and eliminating bottlenecks that might slow down productivity very simple.

Many major high street brands like McDonalds and Ted Baker rely on us to keep their document infrastructure up and running, freeing them to focus on the core business of taking sales.

We’ve enjoyed a long lasting partnership with Apogee, as we know they can deliver everything that they promise, and more. Over the years we’ve benefitted from substantial cost savings.


Our costs have been reduced and are under control as a result of having one single contract that covers service and supplies for all of our devices.