Manufacturing & Construction

In the manufacturing and heavy industry sectors, effective document handling is vital. Projects in the manufacturing and construction industry regularly involve sharing information across a large network of collaborators, often situated in different locations.  In order to ensure all the key operators and members of the supply chain receive their contracts, plans, invoices and other vital documents in a timely, cost-effective and reliable fashion, a smooth, properly managed document process needs to be operating in your company.

With all this business critical information moving through your network, it’s also important to maximise your data protection.  This means developing both airtight security systems and effective strategies to deal with emergencies that could put your information in danger.

Yet, chances are, you have far more important things to concern yourself with than how healthily your printing, copying and scanning is working.  Certainly, the less time your team spends distracted with the management of your document handling the better for your business.  This is where Apogee comes in.

The Apogee Difference

Your Managed Service from Apogee will organise your entire print, scan and copy processes, making the distribution of data throughout your network user-friendly.  At the push of a button, you can ensure all essential people are kept in the loop, thanks to simplified document conversion and filing.

As all of your paper records can be digitised, even a serious emergency won’t threaten your precious information. Everything you need will be sturdily backed up for maximum peace of mind and maximum security. By crafting a simplified, integrated system with which you can create, print and share all of the documents you require on a regular basis, your solution will allow you to get on with your work, without worrying about bottlenecks in your data movement.

What’s more, your solution will also be designed with all the chief concerns of the modern manufacturing or industrial company in mind, including sustainability, security and speed.

We found that our Apogee Account Manager listened to us and actually took the time to understand the issues we were facing.  By taking the time to understand, Apogee found a solution that really works for us.  Costs are under control and efficiency has greatly improved.