Healthcare organisations can not only improve their financial well-being with a Managed Service from Apogee, they can also enhance document security which is key when handling confidential patient records.

Between administrative paperwork, test results, patient notes etc., hard copy printed documents mount up.   Within the healthcare industry, inefficient print processes can take up medical professionals’ time and can compromise patient care.

Mobility is another trend that hasn’t lived up to its promise of delivering a paperless healthcare practice.  Although smartphones and tables, widely used across the healthcare industry, have reduced printing, mobile workers can’t be removed from the print equation just yet.

To combat rising costs, healthcare executives need to address operational inefficiency and this is where Apogee can help.

The Apogee Difference

  • A print assessment will identify the organisation’s needs, spending and consumption
  • Healthcare records are sensitive and hospitals need to avoid paperwork being left in a printer tray. Apogee can implement a Secure-Release solution which means documents are only printed when an individual releases them from the printer
  • Apogee will work to rationalise and consolidate the existing fleet of printers which will lead to a reduction in printer running costs

Our equipment is so much more reliable, and we just don’t have the problems that we’d become used to in the past.  Apogee have given us a level of support that we can be confident in.  It’s great not to have to worry about printing any more.