Finance & Insurance

There are few industries where the data, documents and general information handled on a daily basis could be more sensitive than in the finance and insurance sectors.  Whether its customer statements, policy documents, credit applications, financial history or other more generic office documents, it’s clear that data protection and security is crucial.  Without the right infrastructure, this information, in all of its formats, may not be suitably protected at all times so the risks of data breach are high.

In busy financial and insurance environments, keeping track of printing, copying and scanning costs can be problematic.  It’s vital that organisations operate efficiently and without overspending on document production.  A poorly organised print function can cause costs and wastage to rapidly increase, affecting your company’s bottom line.

Without suitable hardware and systems in place to manage document handling requirements, efficiency and productivity are detrimentally affected as staff find themselves wasting time and becoming distracted from business operations.

The Apogee Difference

With over 200 financial and insurance companies relying on Apogee for their document and data handling requirements, we have the experience to address the common challenges faced by organisations in these industries.

Your tailor-made Managed Service from Apogee will be constructed from the optimum combination of hardware and software, all designed around improving data and document security while reducing costs.  By providing digital storage, even for original paper records, this information can be protected by the latest security solutions, and can easily be restricted to only be accessed by authorised users.

An Apogee Managed Service solution will also minimise your print costs by ensuring that documents are produced in the most cost-effective way possible, with wastage, usage of consumables and power consumption reduced to minimum levels possible without compromising efficiency or productivity.  We can even provide finance and insurance firms with systems that will enable promotional material to be produced internally, removing the reliance on, and higher costs of external suppliers.

We set an ambitious date for completion, and were delighted when Apogee told us they could install the equipment over a weekend ready for Monday.


When we moved from Central London to new offices in Watford, Apogee again didn’t let us down, relocating and reinstalling the telephone equipment on time, minimising business downtime.