Grafton Group plc

The Company

Grafton Group plc is predominantly a UK and Ireland-based building materials group with a turnover of over £2 billion. Their portfolio of businesses incorporates a number of market leading brands in builders and plumbers merchanting, DIY retailing and mortar manufacturing in the UK and Ireland, including Buildbase, Plumbase and Selco.

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The Problem

Having undertaken several acquisitions in recent years, Grafton Group plc found itself with a variety of contracts, suppliers and equipment. Some of these devices were managed centrally, whilst some were managed on a local, individual level.

Our costs have been reduced and are under control as a result of having one single contract that covers service and supplies for all of our devices. We’ve seen major reductions in waste printing and a big increase in efficiency and to top it all off, a big improvement in document security.

The Solution

With a large number of outlets and locations, the Apogee team visited a selection of small, medium and large sites in order to perform a comprehensive audit that gave an accurate view of how the business was operating from a document production perspective.

When combined with detailed analysis of the organisation’s requirements, Apogee was able to present and recommend a tailor made solution that would reduce costs and improve efficiency across the entire estate.